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Police chief blocks 24-hour stations - The Age

The Coalition funded more than $10 million of upgrades to stations in Mount Waverley and Emerald, but had to back down on the stations having 24-hour service when Mr Lay refused to roster on extra staff.

Opposition police spokesman Wade Noonan said Mr Wells should admit he had broken election promises instead of trying to convince the community a 16-hour station was the same as a 24-hour station. - Full Story


Corrections paid $822,000 to prison contractor despite tardy prisoner court attendances - The Age

Corrections Victoria paid $822,000 in performance bonuses to a prison movement contractor, despite one in four inmates being late to court.

The Auditor-General has found in the Prisoner Transportation report that 824 court movements were cancelled between September and December last year because of crowded police cells.

Opposition police spokesman Wade Noonan said: "Moving prisoners around the state to cope with the Napthine Government's crisis-driven justice system is a massive waste of taxpayers' money.

‘‘[It] will do nothing to ease the pressure on police resources or make Victorians safer." - Full Story

Gidley Must Apologise for Broken Promise

The Liberal Government broke a promise to deliver a 24-hour police station in Mt Waverley. Local Liberal MP Michael Gidley must apologise.

Last year, families and businesses in Mt Waverley ... Read More

Napthine Too Late to Protect Emergency Service Workers

Emergency service workers have waited too long for new laws to protect them in the workplace.

Baseline sentencing legislation introduced to Parliament to protect emergency service workers i... Read More

Railway Underpass Closure at North Williamstown

The decision by the Napthine Government to close the underpass at the North Williamstown railway station in the dead of night is outrageous and will likely lead to people taking unnecessary risks a... Read More

Save Williamstown's Shipbuilders

Victoria's jobs crisis is deepening. According to the Australian Bureau Of Statistics, Victoria is currently experiencing its highest rate of unemployment in 12 years.

The decision by Toyot... Read More

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