Level crossings pose a serious risk to pedestrians, cyclists, drivers and trains and cause travel delays and disruptions on our train lines and roads.

The Andrews Government wants to improve the safety and efficiency for drivers, pedestrians and cyclists which is why we’re removing 50 of the most dangerous and congested level crossings in Victoria.

Two of these are located within the electorate of Williamstown, on Kororoit Creek Road and Ferguson Street in Williamstown.

These crossings are used by 22,000 vehicles a day, and the boom gates are down for hours a day. Tragically, the Ferguson Street crossing claimed the lives of two young children in the 1990s.

Both crossings have also seen numerous near misses and they need to be removed.

The removal of these crossings will increase safety for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists, and will allow for the partial duplication of the Altona Loop service, meaning fewer delays and more services. They will also increase the reliability of our roads, giving people a greater ability to predict travel times.

Work is underway to remove the level crossing at Kororoit Creek Road and partially duplicate the Altona Loop, and works are at the early planning stages for Ferguson Street, with a final design decision yet to be made.

For project updates and information about community consultation sessions, please click here for Kororoit Creek and here for Ferguson street.