No New Beds for Williamstown Hospital

The Baillieu Government has failed to deliver extra hospital beds or services to Williamstown Hospital, Opposition Leader Daniel Andrews said today.

Visiting the hospital with Member for Williamstown Wade Noonan, Mr Andrews said it was disappointing the Premier and his Health Minister David Davis had turned their back on health services in Melbourne’s western suburbs.

“In almost 12 months, the Baillieu Government has done nothing to improve health services for families in Williamstown,” Mr Andrews said.

“The Baillieu Government has not delivered one extra doctor, one extra nurse or one extra hospital bed for Williamstown Hospital.

“The only plan the State Coalition has to improve services at Williamstown Hospital is to re-announce Labor’s project to provide $3 million for an extra operating theatre. Yet, almost a year since coming to government, no work has been done to deliver these improvements.”

Mr Andrews said the Premier had promised an extra 100 beds for Victorian hospitals this year but so far had not delivered a single one.

“Residents in Williamstown are still waiting to find out if their hospital will receive any of the extra beds, and the Health Minister doesn’t even know where the beds will be going.

“Hollow promises that are never delivered will do nothing to treat patients quicker, only real action will.

“Unfortunately, the only real action the Baillieu Government has taken is to cut almost $500 million from the health sector.

“A growing population in Melbourne’s west means more investment is needed and it’s time the Coalition delivered.”

Mr Noonan said families in Williamstown had been left wondering whether their hospital would receive any new beds from the Baillieu Government.

“The doctors, nurses and other health professionals at Williamstown do a fantastic job treating patients and the Baillieu Government must give them the support they need.

“More people are moving to Melbourne’s western suburbs and it’s important the Baillieu Government invests the money to keep up with growth.

“So far residents have been left wondering whether any money will flow to Williamstown Hospital, and whether the Premier even cares about investing in the area.” 

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