Member for Williamstown, Wade Noonan MP, has called on the Baillieu Government to urgently fund a signalled pedestrian crossing at the West Gate Freeway entrance (Geelong bound) on Millers Road, Altona North.

Currently there are no pedestrian crossing markings and many residents have complained that the intersection is unsafe. The intersection carries a high volume of traffic, including many heavy vehicles and VicRoads has designated the intersection a “Blackspot”.

Mr Noonan said that the crossing was the major pedestrian link between Brooklyn and Altona North.

“Families rely on this crossing to access local schools both the Brooklyn and Altona North areas,” Mr Noonan said.

“The crossing is also a vital link for Brooklyn residents who shop at the Altona Gate and the other retail centres along Millers Road.

“It’s difficult to come to terms with the fact there are absolutely no pedestrian markings on the entrance ramp when there are such high volumes of traffic entering the freeway.

The crossing was identified in 2009 by the Hobsons Bay City Council as a safety concern due to factors such as sight distances to the ramps and high vehicle approach speeds.

Following a period of investigation and consultation with VicRoads, it was determined that pedestrian safety could be improved through the installation of pedestrian traffic signals and a funding proposal was submitted to the State Government.

“The Council decided that pedestrian operated traffic signals are warranted,” Mr Noonan said.

“I have received advice from the Hobsons Bay City Council that VicRoads has recently completed planning for this project and has submitted a proposal for funding.

“The plans are ready to go and the Baillieu Government must now move quickly to complete the work.

“I urge the Baillieu Government to put the safety of children first and make this dangerous intersection a funding priority.

“Statistics show that children aged 16 years and younger account for 14 per cent of all pedestrian fatalities, so schoolchildren are in a high-risk category.

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