Constituency Question: Seaworks Maritime Precinct

Mr NOONAN (Williamstown) (12:52:35) — (14 083) My question today is for the Minister for Ports and it concerns the upgrades to Seaworks Maritime Precinct in Williamstown. As the minister will be aware, the Andrews Labor government has committed $3 million to provide much-needed upgrades and new facilities for the site, which already attracts more than 100 000 visitors per year. This work would transform the site to allow more activities, exhibitions and events for the local community. Can the minister provide a full outline of what specific improvements will be made to this site as a result of the $3 million investment?

Hon Luke DONNELLAN (Minister for Ports) I thank the Member for his question.

The funding is being used for the Stage 1A redevelopment of the Seaworks Maritime Precinct, the first stage of a broader masterplan for this maritime precinct. This initial stage includes:

  •  Construction of a new external amenities block for the use of all staff and visitors to the precinct;
  • Upgrades of the Nelson Place and rear building facades;
  • Preliminary works to allow for building infrastructure upgrades, including asbestos removal, demolition and repair works, and provision of electrical and other services;
  • Upgrades to the internal building spaces (both lower and upper levels), and event space; and
  • Construction of the mezzanine and upper floor areas.

This project is expected to attract greater business opportunities for the Maritime Precinct’s indoor and outdoor event spaces, and improve accessibility to the Maritime Precinct spaces.

Stage 1A works are currently progressing well and are on track to be completed by the end of June 2018.