Ministers statements: unconventional gas

Mr NOONAN (Minister for Resources) — August marks a very important milestone for it is one year since the Premier announced a permanent ban on fracking in Victoria, a ban forever. No more uncertainty, no more doubt — just a clear decision to ban fracking, delivered by a Labor government. This brought tears of joy and relief to farmers right across Victoria, particularly those in the south-west and Gippsland. Their message was clear: anything that threatened the environment in regional and rural Victoria threatened the economy.

We listened and we acted. We introduced legislation in this Parliament that passed both houses of this Parliament on the voices. It is important to remember why we did this. We did this because our agricultural sector employs more than 190 000 people and generates more than $11 billion in exports annually. These are real people, real businesses and real jobs.

Despite this fracking ban, we have had extraordinary attacks from the Prime Minister and his colleagues, wanting to force us to overturn the fracking ban. They have even threatened our GST, to cut funding to schools and of course hospitals.

We also had an extraordinary radio interview on Melbourne radio on Monday. I listened to this extraordinary contribution from the Leader of the Opposition, when he tried to rewrite history. This is what he said:

… my view is that … given I voted against it, the legislation, the permanent ban, that we should use that resource … for gas supplies in Victoria.

Mr Fracking Guy is all over the place when it comes to gas. What farmers know is they will always get certainty from our government.